Hot Rods Need Ethanol 105+ Octane

hOT rODS FOR e85

Flex Fuel Conversion Kits for Dodge Charger & Ford Mustang

Prices at the pump keeping your ride parked and your wallet empty? Does your hot rod thirst for premium fuel, and regular is too expensive…

There’s a real solution to the problem of rising fuel costs. E85 is the answer… E85 is the magic bullet that the oil companies don’t want you to know about. We’re talking about 105+ octanefuel, with an average nation wide price of 20% per gallon less than gasoline. Octane means power, and E85 delivers plenty of that… To extract the benefits of the fuel, a vehicle’s fuel system must be configured for E85. Vehicles that can use E85 are known as flex fuel vehicles. They’re able to run on gasoline, E85 or any combination of the two fuels.

You’ve heard about tuner chips and black boxes that will allow you to use E85. But what you don’t hear is that these products don’t work very well, are illegal, and may actually harm your ride.

Flex Fuel U.S., in partnership with Rad Rides by Troy, has developed the first and only EPA certified flex fuel conversion system for high performance applications. The ‘Flex Box Smart Kit™’ converts your gas burner into a flex fuel vehicle able to use gasoline, E85 or any mixture of the two. That’s right you can mix the fuels in any combination, because the ‘Flex Box Smart Kit™’ is fully smart and automatically adjusts the fuel mixture based on the level of alcohol in the fuel. The system is specifically designed to let your ride reap the benefits of E85 — Improved performance, 10% increase in horsepower and torque, and big savings at the pump… The kit monitors and adjusts the fuel mixture to keep the motor running at its most optimal condition. And because the kit is EPA certified, you are assured that the kit will not harm your engine or void your factory warranty.  

Get off of foreign oil, and find out what the racing and performance industry already know. E85 a race quality fuel that saves at the pump, improves performance, reduces emissions, and is made in the USA.