Energy Independence – Environmental Benefits

Clearing the Air with E85
Ethanol is a clean-burning renewable motor fuel that’s a blend of up to 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline (E85).

The ethanol that’s used to make E85 is made mainly from corn and cellulosic vegetation grown right here in America. That helps clear the air and reduce our dependency on foreign oil and create jobs for American workers.

Flex fuel conversions are the most cost effective method for reducing a fleet’s Greenhouse gas emissions today and improves significantly when cellulosic ethanol production increases
Environmental Benefits - table
Key Assumptions:

  • Comparable vehicles for each technology; same fuel efficiency
  • Miles driven per year is 10,000 and average fuel economy is 10 mpg
  • GHG based DOE and Argonne National Lab published data
  • Replacement costs based on incremental cost vs. new FFV


Argonne Lab Greenhouse E85 Study

Ethanol impact on gasoline pricing 2