Racing Applications – Winning with Ethanol!

BlowfishPerformance to burn!
Blended ethanol and gasoline burns cleaner and cooler than gasoline with less wear and tear on your engine — plus it boosts horsepower and torque without an environmental downside. Installing FLEX-BOX SMART KIT and running E85 is the mean AND clean way to optimal performance!

Massive added-power potential

E85’s 105-octane rating makes it perfect for high-compression, custom-built performance engines. Turbo and supercharged motors can handle a big increase in boost pressure when running E85 for an even bigger increase in torque and horsepower. Why pay for expensive racing gasoline when E85 gives you even more
power and costs less than regular gas?

Building a Monster? You need FLEX-BOX PLUS

FLEX-BOX PLUS is specially designed for engines that develop over 300 horsepower. With braided stainless hoses and a high-flow injector, it’s the perfect complement to your high-performance engine.

Converted Vehicle Performance

When a converted vehicle is operating with blended ethanol fuel, several performance improvements have been noted in literature and in our testing:

power-graphIncreased horsepower and torque by 8 to 12% because:

  • E85 has 105 octane and late model electronic spark controlled vehicles can take advantage of improved spark timing
  • The placement of the supplemental fuel also lowers pumping losses by cooling the air intake

Cleaner Combustion zone with less carbon build-up and improved oil life because:

  • Low carbon content
  • Lower combustion temperature