Will I get improved performance?

The answer is YES… Typically we see an increase of about 10% in horsepower and torque. The increases are due to the fact that E85 is 105 octane, which is basically racing fuel. E85 allows the engine to run more timing, which means that the combustion burning time is increased creating more power. Ethanol is akin to nitrous in that 1/3 of the ethanol molecule is made up of oxygen, and because its alcohol it has a cooling effect on the incoming air. So, when we inject additional ethanol at the throttle, the ethanol vaporizes and enrichens the incoming air with oxygen, while at the same time cooling down the air stream. We all know that more power is created when you have a cooler denser air mixture.

The system was designed and built by one of the world’s leaders in the Hot Rod Industry, Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy 
Troy and his team of fabricators have built some of the most beautiful and fastest vehicles in the world. Troy built the Blowfish which holds the land speed record at Bonneville.

Blowfish 1969 Plymouth Cuda
1150hp – 4 cyl 178cu in motor, run on E85
2006 Bonneville Land Speed Record Holder @ 256 mph.
Built by: TroyTrepanier, Rad Rides by Troy
Owned and driven by: George Poteet

The Blowfish is one of just many examples of Troy’s engineering, design and fabrication skills.When it came time to build the fuel system, Troy enlisted the help of his best friend John Meaney, who ine racing circles is known as the “grandfather of digital fuel injection” design and build the fuel management system that propelled the Blowfish to over 250 mph. John also designed and built our processor, and the technology John used on the Blowfish is the same technology used in the Flex Box Smart Kit.

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