If I have a gasoline vehicle and convert it to alcohol, am I going to damage the engine?

No, there have been no reports of engine damage due to conversion with proper technology. In fact, The Flex Box Smart Kit is the only system that uses an alcohol sensor and a microprocessor. Beware of conversion systems that do not use an alcohol sensor. Burning alcohol instead of gasoline has been shown to decrease engine oil contamination and extend engine life. Alcohol burns cooler than gasoline providing additional benefits in terms of engine life and performance. In the early 1980’s all auto manufacturers started using parts that were not harmed by ethanol. Today’s vehicles are built to withstand the corrosive effects of water in ethanol and gasoline. Any vehicle built since 1985 will have no ethanol related issues. Older vehicles that used more steel in the fuel systems or cork gaskets may have issues from long term exposure to water.

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