About Flex Fuel U.S.


Flex Fuel US was founded in 2006 to create an EPA approved, high quality flex fuel conversion technology and have achieved a number of critical milestones including GSA approved supplier

Our Aspirations

We believe it is the right thing to provide a product that:

  • Reduces Foreign Oil Dependence
  • Reduce engine emissions and enhance air quality
  • Provide consumers a choice in renewable energies
  • Improve engine performance and extend engine life
  • Reduce the total cost of fuel

Our Management Team

Chris Disher, Chief Executive Officer
Mitch Sremac, Chief Operating Officer; Inventor
Troy Trepanier, Director, Vehicle Applications
Jack Trepanier, Director, Research & Development
John Meaney, Director, Fuel Injection and Emissions Tech
Ed Tunney, Vice President, Development
Eduardo Alvarez, Advisor.

Key Milestones

  • Founded in 2006 and first sale of shares
  • Utility Patent 7,349,790  awarded in 2008
  • First EPA certification awarded in 2008
  • Featured in Business Week as one of “America’s Most Promising Start-ups”
  • Four additional EPA certifications in 2010
  • 100th vehicle converted in 2010
  • 4 million total miles driven with conversion and on E85
  • Awarded GSA approved supplier
  • Converted Dodge Charger Hemi with over 90,000 miles in E85 operation
  • Registered Defence Logistics Agency product

Converting the Legacy Fleet

We have been operating Converted vehicles on the road Since the beginning.

  • Ford Crown Victoria’s For Taxis
  • Lincoln Town Car For Limousine Services
  • Dodge Charger For Police Units
  • Ford F‐Series For Trucking
  • Chrysler 300 5.7 Hemi for touring
  • Dodge Hemi Challenger for high performance